spectat (spectat) wrote,

Phoney War

Уже появилась статья в вики: 2016 Armenian–Azerbaijani clashes

Из привлекшего внимание:
Belarus – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs urged the parties to continue seeking a peaceful solution to the conflict "in accordance with the generally recognized principles and norms of international law, first of all, on the basis of respect and guaranteeing of the sovereignty, territorial integrity and inviolability of borders, as well as the relevant UN Security Council resolutions and decisions of the OSCE". The Belarusian ambassador to Armenia was summoned to be informed that Yerevan was "deeply bewildered" by this statement which "does not correspond to the spirit of the Armenian-Belarusian relations" and "is detrimental to the negotiation process".[42][43] Belarusian president Alexander Lukashenko insisted that both sides should seek a peaceful dialogue.[44]

В русскоязычной версии этого нет (она вообще короче).

Tags: armenia, azerbaijan

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