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еврокоррупция -- дух захватывает
Коррупция обходится экономике Евросоюза более чем в 120 млрд евро в год: Corruption across EU 'breathtaking' - EU Commission


Оценка впечатляющая, конечно. С другой стороны, это меньше 1% годового ВВП Евросоюза. Интересно было бы посмотреть данные по другим странам.


Summaries of the national chapters from the European Anti-Corruption Report


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я плохо различаю цвета (да, я дальтоник).. ЮК 0-9 или 10-19?

10-19 (открой картинку в другом окне, будет большего размера).

если точнее -- 16%

United Kingdom:
In the United Kingdom, petty corruption does not appear to pose a challenge. Moreover, the UK has made strides in encouraging its companies to refrain from bribing officials abroad, through stringent legislation and detailed guidelines. Traditionally, the UK promotes high ethical standards of public service. However, to ensure continued success, further efforts are necessary to address risks of foreign bribery in vulnerable industries such as defence. In this report, the European Commission suggests that the UK should ensure transparency in out-of-court settlements in corruption cases. Accountability in the governance of banks can also be further strengthened. The Commission is also suggesting to cap donations to political parties, impose limits on electoral campaign spending and ensure proactive monitoring and prosecution of potential violations.

Alongside an analysis of the situation in each EU Member State, the European Commission is also presenting two extensive opinion polls. More than three quarters of European citizens, and 64 percent of UK respondents, agree that corruption is widespread in their home country. Approximately one in four Europeans considers that they are affected by corruption in their everyday lives. In the UK, this figure is well below the EU average, 16 percent.

In the UK, this figure is well below the EU average, 16 percent.

читнул.. стало яснее

In the UK only five people out of 1,115 - less than 1% - said they had been expected to pay a bribe. It was "the best result in all Europe", the report said.

я за 10 лет не видел, не слышал о взятках в дей-ту-дей жизни и уж точно не платил их

другое дело какой-то чел покупает себе пол часа "побеседовать" с принцем Эндрю .. это не дей-ту-дей и нинакого никак не влияет

Soglasna. Day-to-day is fine. No chem vishe v eshelone, tem xuzhe. Korrupciya eto ne tolko tupo platit' den'gi za usligi. Platit' usugi za usugi - tozhe corruption. kak-to stranno zamyato bilo delo o skandale s sinom Margaert Tetcher. Perstvo za dengi i t.p. pribavilo goluboy kraski.

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