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Турция, Греция, Израиль, Иран...

Возвращаясь к аквториальным спорам в Восточном Средиземноморье (Ливан просит у ООН защиты от израильского бурения, A big bonus for poor Israelis?, Leviathan)

Отсюда -- Akin Unver: Beyond a Turkish-Greek problem

Интересный момент:
... the Iranian navy started to sail in larger numbers into the Mediterranean since January 2011, a move which is seen as Iran’s expansion of its military power farther away from the Gulf region. Although Turkey has fairly good relations with Tehran, both sides understand that they have inherited about a half-millennium-old dormant conflict from the Ottoman-Safavid rivalry over the control of the Middle East; this fact has become even more apparent since the Arab Spring.

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